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Improve Human Health with Technology

Shenzhen Hexin Zondan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.founded on October 10th, 2002,
is a high-tech private enterprise company engaging in R&D,
production and sales of medical equipment. 


Shenzhen Hexin Zondan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.is the supplier of world-leading high-tech medical equipment. It devotes to the R&D and manufacture of the monitors and it is the supplier of high-quality monitors with proprietary intellectual property rights of core technology of multi-parameter monitor.

Since its establishment in 2002, in the tortuous journey, we adhere to people oriented vision and establish the bridge for sustainable development for the development and growth of the enterprise. As the advocator of “specialist special monitor” in China, we devote to make the product more professional, services more effective and considerate. Meanwhile, the enterprise has continuously improved the research and development and innovation capability with pioneering and innovative spirit. We want to send the monitor to every corner of the world.

Specialist special monitors have been extensively applied to neonatology department, operating room, ICU/CCU, public ward, emergency center and community service center. We have developed a market abroad with outstanding achievement.

As a mission of the enterprise “improving human health with technology”, we forge the spirit of development. This social responsibility runs through entire development process of the enterprise. We aim at building the aircraft carrier of the medical health industry.

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