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Corporate spirit
——Improve human health with technology

Corporate spirit
——Fighting with pleasure

Core value
——Employee and the enterprise share the same benefit, developing core technology system and providing high-quality product and service with sense of outstanding enterprise.

——I keep learning, keep fighting and keep improving.

Quality policy
——elaborate design, rigorous validation, specialized operation and professional inspection

Code of conduct of employee – result-oriented
No excuse
——Make effort to complete every task timely with high quality. If we fail, we shall learn from the experience and improve ourselves without any excuse.

Simply complex problem
——Simply complex problem with detailing. Start everything from details.

Work hard without worry
——Fully play own strength and specialty, complete our task, concentrate on commitment, result and truth.

Execution of enterprise
●Quantitative management
——Each management is quantified with implementing delicacy management. The execution of enterprise moves from abstract concept to quantifiable indicators.

●Clear responsibility flow
——Clear responsibility: work hard to complete the task and work within the responsibility without route of retreat. Clear flow: improve rapid response ability of enterprise; ensure rapid release and implementation of each task and measure of the enterprise.   

●Performance assessment
——The realization of each target relies on the efforts of all employees. The continuous and effective work of employee relies on complete incentive system, which includes clear responsibility and evaluation basis from person to department.

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