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Heart Rate Monitoring for Twins

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Heart Rate Monitoring for Twins

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During the checkup, doctors often said that fetal heart rate monitoring cannot be done for twins, but why can't we do fetal heart rate monitoring?



In fact, the fetal heart rate monitoring of twins needs to accurately find and monitor the fetal heart rate of two fetuses at the same time. The fetal heart rate of singleton monitoring mode is naturally not competent.


The difficulty of twin monitoring does not mean that expectant mothers of twins cannot do fetal heart rate monitoring. Zondan launched Artemis 4 fetal monitor, which can upgrade the twin monitoring mode (optional), and the twin monitoring curves are separated without overlapping, providing fetal heart rate monitoring services for twin expectant mothers.


Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Monitor
Artemis 4


Zondan's Artemis 4 can upgrade twin monitoring (optional), and the curve separation does not overlap. It can continuously save 600 hours of monitoring curves and data or 300 files. And it is equipped with optionally automatic fetal scoring system and can print fetal analysis report.


10.2 inch high brightness TFT LCD large screen
30° flip adjustment



Twin working mode
The curve is clear and obvious



Built-in 112mm dot matrix thermal printer
With overheating automatic protection function


Mothers-to-be pay attention to their health, eat reasonably, eat less spicy food, and maintain a peaceful mood. They are also working hard for the health of their babies!



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