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ZONDAN Transport Monitor

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ZONDAN Transport Monitor

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The second Saturday in September every year is "World First Aid Day". Through this festival, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies hopes to call on all countries in the world to pay attention to the popularization of first aid knowledge, save lives and reduce injuries.



When an accident strikes, first aid is a race against death. During the entire emergency and transfer process, the patient's condition is at risk of deterioration at any time. Medical staff must be aware of changes in the patient's physical signs at any time, and carry out corresponding first aid measures in real time to buy time for the patient.



Transport Monitor

Apollo N3



Zondan launched the Apollo N3 transport monitor. Even in a harsh environment, it can still perform excellent measurement of various parameters, accurately feedback the changes of the patient's vital signs, and help medical staff understand the patient's condition and give timely treatment.


American Masimo Blood Oxygen Technology

"Gold Standard" in Blood Oxygen Field
It can quickly obtain arterial blood oxygen saturation
In the case of low peripheral perfusion such as body movement and hemorrhage
and can still measure quickly and accurately



Special Module for Blood Pressure Technology

Adopt Advantage (SunTech blood pressure) technology
Even if the patient is in jitters or heart failure, etc.
It can also measure blood pressure



IPX4 Waterproof Technology

Resistant to liquid spills
Can be used normally under harsh conditions


Anti-drop Design

The touch screen adopts tempered glass
Thickened shell
Pass the drop test



112mm Holographic Data Waveform Printing

Reflect the patient's physical status in all aspects
Give clinicians more support



High-performance Battery

Long standby time
Support power supply, car power supply, battery free match
Meet the needs of use under various conditions



Time is life, we may not be able to rebook the trajectory of life, but we can race against time to win more rescue opportunities.




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