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World Stroke Day with Bedside Monitor

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World Stroke Day with Bedside Monitor

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October 29 is World Stroke Day, which aims to arouse the public's attention to stroke, call for a healthy global life, and prevent stroke and other diseases.


Stroke is a disorder of cerebral blood circulation. The condition changes rapidly and the development is unstable. Therefore, bedside monitoring becomes very important for patients with such diseases as stroke, and medical staff need to pay attention to it all the time. The patient's blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG and body temperature, etc., to grasp the patient's condition and escort life.



Bedside Monitor

Apollo N2

Zondan launched the bedside monitor, which uses high-performance parameter modules to realize stable monitoring and long-term high-intensity continuous monitoring in various environments. It can always pay attention to important physiological parameters such as patient blood pressure, blood oxygen, and ECG. At the same time, Apollo N2 adopts a friendly and user-friendly operation interface and a one-button quick operation mode, which saves medical workers more time and energy and invests in ward nursing.


Humanized Interaction Design


12.1 inch High-brightness LED Screen, Supports Multiple Viewing Angles

Full Touch Screen Control, Simple and Quick Operation

Multiple Operation Modes, Convenient and Practical


Powerful Data Function


Support Parameter Waveform Storage, Data, Trend, and Event Review

Automatically Save Alarm Events and Support Power-down Storage


Upgraded EtCO2


Upgraded with IBP and EtCO2 Functions

Suitable for All Kinds of Patients to Meet Different Clinical Needs


Wireless/wired Network



Can Form a Central Monitoring System Through Wifi/wired Mode

Real-time Display of Monitoring Alarm Information, Bidirectional Operation


On World Stroke Day, Zondan reminds everyone to prevent stroke and other diseases so as to maintain good living habits and share a healthy life!




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