Emergency Industry Association of Guangdong Province led the visiting Shigenori

Date:2015-08-24 18:48

February 18, 2014, vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Emergency Industry Association in will He Xinsheng, executive director Wengguan Xiong, Yu Zuo-fu expert, Deputy Secretary-General and Minister Shen Lu Hong-five members of his unit members who come to visit the Division I, general manager Li Feng , the new CEO of the kingdom, marketing director Song emergency security and other hospitality industry line, plan for the future.

And the provincial emergency heart Shigenori Industry Association product suppliers. The visiting draconian emergency Industry Association, one high-tech industries understand the product, and second, to enhance the feelings between each other, wide-ranging and comprehensive cooperation for the future further laid the foundation.

Company leaders of industry associations related to the leadership of emergency care and support expressed heartfelt thanks, and introduced draconian and heart next development planning and strategic overall layout and strategy, has been his party leaders affirmed the emergency association.

The two sides also discussed matters relating to emergency medical integration and strategic cooperation has been in close consultation.

After a visit to visit and learn some systems, emergency Industry Association leadership and heart draconian new level of product technology and hospitality like represent fully affirmed and expressed in the principle of mutual benefit, will my company's products and product deeper into the medical market. And maintain long-term cooperative relationship with heavy penalties company.



And the heart association leaders and draconian leadership and discuss development plans

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