Sincere interaction between investors and management


This should be my fourth place to attend the International Medical Shareholders' Meeting A shareholder representative from Hunan told Securities Daily that as an old shareholder representative of International Medicine, he participated in the shareholder meeting from the earliest near Xi'an Bell Tower, to the Zhongjing Square next to Xi'an High tech Hospital, and then to the conference room of the South Campus of Xi'an International Medical Center in the past two years. This year, he was in the conference room of the North Campus. I can say that I have witnessed the development of international medicine, especially the Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital. I have watched it develop from a wasteland to the completion of two major hospital areas one after another
On the afternoon of May 10, 2023 at 2:30 pm, the 2022 International Medical Shareholders' Meeting was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the security building in the North Campus of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital. Nearly a hundred investors and management from all over the country sincerely interacted and discussed the company's development.
Sincere interaction between management and investors
After the company's management reported on the various proposals of the meeting, an investor from Jiangsu first expressed gratitude to the management for their efforts over the past year.
The investor sincerely said, "If you ride the wind and waves, I will never give up! In the past year, the company has experienced many difficulties, but with the efforts of the management, the company's operation has steadily increased, which has brought confidence to investors
For the respect of investors, Chairman Shi Jin of International Medical expressed that the company also appreciates the trust and support of investors in the company's management. The company's management will also double its efforts to continue healthy development and return investors with better performance.
The sincere interaction between the management and investors can be said to be a major theme of this shareholders' meeting. An investor from Hubei stated that he was visiting Xi'an for the first time after the epidemic, and he expressed gratitude to International Medicine for its support to Wuhan during the outbreak.