From Exorcism to Microscopy: The Evolution of Modern Medicine


In China's pantheism religion, 'witches' represent wizards and witches, who can wield magic in the supernatural world that others do not have. Many witchcraft spellcasters are physicians who use spells, magic, and herbs with the power to return to heaven. The development of witchcraft has a long history, and although its form has changed, it still retains its basic characteristics. As an exorcist and practitioner, "wu" appeared in classical literature during the period of Confucius. In addition to spells and spells, there are also famous poems that are repeatedly recited, one of which is from Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty and has been widely circulated. De Grute believed that the "spirit" or magic in this poem must be very powerful, because the author is a high-ranking official and a highly respected scholar in China. De Grute fully translated this fever reducing poem (Volume 6, pages 1054-1055), which tells the story of a feverish demon who often appears in autumn, being warned and fleeing to the clear waters of a deep river.
In the Tang Dynasty, the Imperial Medical Office in the palace was divided into four departments, which were responsible for by two medical supervisors: medical department, acupuncture department, massage department, and incantation department.
Divination and exorcism can be traced back to the fifth and sixth centuries BC.
During the period of rampant infectious diseases, wizards became prophets, fortune tellers, and exorcists, exposing their upper bodies, dancing wildly, pricking their bodies with needles and balls, piercing their tongues with needles, and sitting or lying flat on nailboards or blades to intimidate the sick. Witches are almost all young people, known as "divining youths", who use exorcism based on the fact that most evil spirits exist in the body of the world (De Grutter, Vol. 6, pp. 983-985).
Chinese people believe that "Dao" (also known as "cosmic order") has the power to defend against demons. Based on whether it was born in a lucky year or not, it is inferred that the birth date is either "light" or "heavy" according to the four pillars and eight characters. People with light eight characters are particularly prone to incurable diseases, but if exorcists are placed around, talismans are worn, or medication is swallowed, and auspicious days are chosen, many disasters can be avoided.