Establishing the Institute of Organ Transplantation and Biomimetic Medicine


Today, the reporter learned from Tsinghua University that under the care and guidance of relevant national ministries, the clinical discipline of organ transplantation at Tsinghua University is working hard to provide solid clinical support for the research institute. Since 2018, Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital has obtained qualifications for all six types of solid organ transplantation, and has built a high-level organ transplantation center led by liver transplantation, with high-quality and rapid development of liver and kidney transplantation, and comprehensive development of heart, lung, and small intestine transplantation. In addition to various routine organ transplantation surgeries, the center also conducts complex and difficult surgeries including extremely critical and ultra-low weight infant liver transplantation, dual donor liver living donor liver transplantation, chronic graft failure liver transplantation, liver kidney combined transplantation, autologous small intestine transplantation, and the first domestic improved abdominal organ cluster transplantation. To carry out high-quality medical research, a national database of liver and gallbladder disease standards and the Clinical Biological Sample Resource Center of Tsinghua University have been established. The clinical practice of organ transplantation still faces many challenges and technological bottlenecks. The establishment of the research institute will inject new momentum into breaking through clinical medical difficulties.
President Wang Xiqin of Tsinghua University reviewed the school's educational philosophy in different historical periods and pointed out that it is currently in a critical period of building an educational, technological, and healthy China. Tsinghua University is exploring a new model of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, and Tsinghua Medicine has entered a new stage of development. The Transplantation Biomimetic Institute was established in this context. We must adhere to the principle of putting the people first, maintaining confidence and self-reliance, adhering to integrity and innovation, adhering to problem orientation, adhering to a systematic concept, and embracing the world. We must make Tsinghua's contribution to solving the common problems of life safety and physical health faced by all humanity.