Medical institutions have launched "Internet plus nursing services"


How is the pilot work of "Internet plus Nursing Service" promoted in Shandong Province? How will we continue to advance in the future? On May 11th, Xu Min, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Health Commission, answered questions from poster journalists at a press conference of the National Health Commission.
Xu Min said that since April 2021, when Shandong Province launched the "Internet plus Nursing Service" pilot project of the "Shandong Nursing Contract", it has organically combined the "Internet plus Nursing Service" with services such as family doctor signing, family beds, and continuous nursing, and has realized the full connection of nursing services from hospitals to grassroots, communities, and families. At present, 423 medical institutions across the province have carried out the "Internet plus Nursing Service", which has gradually covered from general hospitals to specialized hospitals and grass-roots medical and health institutions, effectively meeting the nursing needs of patients at home, saving time for patients to see doctors, and reducing the burden on families.
The poster reporter learned that in the next step, Shandong Province will focus on the following three aspects to further promote "Internet plus+Nursing Service". First, explore hierarchical and classified services, promote the establishment of a "Internet plus nursing service" community based on the county level, integrate regional nursing resources, improve the division of labor and cooperation mechanism, provide guidance and assistance by three-level medical institutions, with secondary and grass-roots medical institutions as the main body, and all types of medical and health institutions at all levels generally participate, combine the medical treatment, hospitalization information and health information of the masses, and promote "Internet plus nursing services" in a hierarchical and classified manner. The second is to explore cloud supervision of service quality. The "Internet plus+nursing service" was incorporated into the "Luhuyue" cloud supervision platform of medical institutions, and cloud statistical analysis, supervision and management, such as service price analysis, consumable use, satisfaction evaluation, medical waste disposal, adverse event reporting, were promoted to ensure service quality and medical safety. The third is to explore and promote medical insurance payment. Home care services that are priced by public medical institutions within the scope of medical insurance payment shall be included in the scope of medical insurance payment after corresponding filing procedures.