Correcting unhealthy practices in the field of pharmaceutical purchasing and sales and medical services


The notice requires the improvement of the new era's rectification work system, optimization of rectification mechanism member units, and ensuring the connection between the rectification management system and the actual situation of departmental functional adjustment. Pay attention to the coordinating, organizing, and guiding role of disciplinary inspection and supervision departments in the rectification work. Smooth channels for reporting and complaints, implement departmental responsibilities for connecting regulations and laws, and effectively promote the "joint investigation of bribery and bribery" throughout the industry.
At the same time, we will address the issue of unhealthy practices in key areas of the industry. Clearly address the issue of improper practices in the industry management processes of the pharmaceutical industry's administrative management departments, such as certification of the Generalized System of Preferences, administrative licensing, daily supervision, and administrative law enforcement, as well as the issue of improper practices in the work or promotion of business entrusted matters by industry organizations or academic associations, as well as the issue of "selling with money" by pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises and their associated distributors and pharmaceutical representatives.
According to the notice, the supervision and management of medical insurance funds will be strengthened. Maintain a high-pressure situation in cracking down on fraud and insurance fraud, with a focus on punishing the use of false proof materials, fictional medical service projects, or counting the number of projects, as well as the collusion of drug consumables, diagnosis and treatment projects, or service facilities for fraud and insurance fraud. We will standardize the online procurement of provincial platforms, strengthen the refined management of the centralized procurement execution process, and continue to do a good job in price and procurement credit evaluation, and improve the medical insurance price and procurement system.
In addition, we will deepen the governance of chaos in the medical field. Strictly implement the "Nine Guidelines for Clean Employment of Medical Institution Staff", continue to promote the "National Action Plan for Clean Employment of Medical Institutions and Their Staff (2021-2024)", seriously deal with illegal and illegal activities of medical institution staff seeking personal benefits, and clarify the industry bottom line and red line. Focusing on key areas such as medical beauty, oral health, and assisted reproduction, we will establish a strong line of punishment for illegal and irregular behaviors.
The notice also requires that the level of information interconnection between departments be improved, and the industry's joint disciplinary system be continuously explored and improved. The inter-ministerial joint working mechanism for correcting misconduct in the field of pharmaceutical procurement and sales and medical services nationwide will closely monitor the implementation of work in various regions, and report to regions and units that have not performed their duties effectively and have loose discipline; Typical cases where orders are not followed, prohibitions are not enforced, and disciplinary violations are carried out against the wind will be severely investigated and punished, and relevant responsible persons will be held accountable.