Some medical institutions pilot the implementation of "online appointment nurses" to provide thoughtful nursing services to millions of households


Patient's family member Du Hao: It's quite troublesome to go to the hospital. As the elderly age, they need an ambulance for transportation every time they go. We can contact the (online appointment nurse) platform through "Internet plus (nursing service)", so that we can invite medical personnel from this platform to come home for diagnosis and treatment after we have prepared a treatment plan in the hospital and obtained some injections.

Since this year, Jinan has continued to promote the "Internet plus nursing service". Home patients can register online and place orders with one click, either to the hospital or to a nurse in the hospital. The service fee consists of three parts: consultation fee, transportation fee, and treatment fee. Taking the intramuscular injection received by Li Cuiying as an example, the consultation fee is 128 yuan, transportation fee is 30 yuan, and treatment fee is 2.5 yuan, totaling 160.5 yuan. At present, more than 5000 nurses in Jinan have completed registration through professional training, and on-site service projects include more than 20 types, including indwelling urinary tubes, indwelling gastric tubes, wound stoma dressing changes, etc.